Pool 8 ball free games for entertainment and all generations

Pool 8 ball free games for entertainment and all generations
The best Pool 8 ball games

Play the best free games like Pool 8 ball. You can play this pool game against a timer or against another player. Both game modes are great entertainment and you will always come back to play again. The game is suitable for all generations. Relax with the other games on this site.

Pool 8 ball game rules: Player vs timer

Score all balls in the pocket in the alloted time. Not the score a cue ball in the pocket, for each such hit one foul point is awarded. 3 fouls and the game will be terminated. Ball number eight must be the last one to score!

Game rules: Player vs player

Each player scores only his Own balls, player 1 balls without strip, player 2 balls with strip. Do not score a cue ball in the pocket, as each such hit gets one foul. 3 fouls and the game will be discontinued. Ball number eight should be the last to score!

Pool 8 ball – History

The game 8 ball is derived from an earlier game invented around 1900 (first recorded in 1908) in the United States and initially popularized under the name “B.B.C. Co. Pool” (a name that was still in use as late as 1925) by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. This forerunner game was played with seven yellow and seven red balls, a black ball, and the cue ball.

Today, numbered stripes and solids are preferred in most of the world, though the British-style offshoot, blackball, uses the traditional colors (as did early televised “casino” tournaments in the United States). The game had relatively simple rules compared to today and was not added (under any name) to an official rule book (i.e., one published by a national or international sport governing body) until 1940.

Source: Wikipedia

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